Information on victims of sex offender

The public can use this Website to educate themselves about the possible presence of such offenders in their local communities. Information from the various Jurisdiction Websites is not hosted by the Department, and the Department has neither responsibility for nor control over the information available for public inspection or search from individual Jurisdiction Websites that are accessible through this Website.

Violent and sexual offenders

The Department does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information contained in Jurisdiction Websites regarding specific offenders or with respect to the omission of information about other offenders who may be residing, working, or attending school in the vicinity of any location that is the subject of any search using this Website. In this regard, the Department accepts no responsibility or liability for damages of any kind resulting from reliance on this information or lack thereof.

State Organizations

It is possible that information accessed or obtained through this Website may not reflect current residences, employment, school attendance, or other information regarding such individuals, and users are forewarned that it is incumbent upon them to verify information. Any individual who believes that information contained in a Jurisdiction Website is not accurate should communicate with the agency responsible for compiling and updating the information with respect to that Jurisdiction Website.

Victims of predator pediatrician call for reform of child sex crimes laws

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Please note, wait times may vary depending on the volume of requests for Records Unit Services. The addresses listed are NOT exact addresses, but an address block where the sex offender has reported he or she resides. The vast majority of registered sex offenders are classified as Level 1 offenders. They are considered at low risk to re-offend.

These individuals may be first time offenders and they usually know their victims.

Sex offender classification process

Offenders have a moderate risk of re-offending. They generally have more than one victim and the abuse may be long term.

These offenders usually groom their victims and may use threats to commit their crimes. These crimes may be predatory with the offender using a position of trust to commit their crimes.

Sex Offender Information

Typically these individuals do not appreciate the damage they have done to their victims. Offenders are considered to have a high risk to re-offend.

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They usually have one or more victims and may have committed prior crimes of violence.