Ford automatic transmissions factory id numbers

Manual transmissions are a little bit trickier to identify, so we turned to our friends at Hurst , who have assembled a handy assortment of diagrams to help you positively ID your manual tranny. Manual Transmission ID.

Transmission identification

Other things to consider: On the main case, where is the inspection cover…is it a side cover or a top cover? How many bolts secure the cover to the main case and is one edge of the cover curved or straight? The selector arms will also help you determine the ID of your transmission, according to Koval. Are there mounting studs protruding from the side case or are the selector arms secured with a bolt instead? Using these clues and the diagrams above, you can narrow down the identity of your manual transmission.

What Transmission Do I Have? C9ZPA is the code on the side. Is this a C4 or FMX? Hello I have pontaic trany it has 36 on top 50 on tail. The numbers on side are. I have 2 transmissions I cant id. One has a casting number of and 3 grooves. The other has a casting number and 2 grooves. I am not sure how to identify what it is. It is an automatic I believe. Thank you. If the pan is square and 14 bolts, it would seem to indicate an FMX. You can verify the exact shape and pattern here.

Can you tell me what it goes to and if it is worth keeping for someone who could use it? Thanks for any help. Hi there I just purchased a 5 speed manual transmission that is supposed to be for a toyota corolla. However, the shifter levers are on the front instead of the back.

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The number stamped in the housing is Z, what transmission is this? Mine is in primo condition and for sale minus the side shift levers. If interested call me at I have a Chevrolet Tracker. Transmission tag ID 02AQ How can I tell if this is the original transmission or a replaced transmission.

List of GM transmissions

Thank you! I am stumped! Have a 7-bolt 2 top, 2 mid, 3 bottom side panel transmission. I have a 01 grand Cherokee that was a 4. Are this indentifications that I have a C5 transmission? A quick check at its pan will tell you if its a TH or TH—see the pics above.

Hey Emilio, the best way to identify Ford transmissions is via the pan and general physical appearance. Check out this visual guide on different Ford transmission pan patterns , and this good guide on how to tell the difference between a C4 and C I wanted the same one.

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I, too, have a b Mazda. So now I have 2 pick-ups and 2 trannys in my driveway. Now for a couple questions: where are Id marks on tranny? How did u ultimately fix your truck?

Please reply to summers gmail. Hi, Just pick-up a supposedly C-6 trans. I hope it is a Chevrolet trans. I have a 4speed manual transmission with a case number GM14 F, Can I find what type it is and what it might out of. I have a F 5. I have a Chrysler c with a 5.

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I have a trans with GM on the side where the shiftier is,on the cover. I have a transmission that came off a big-block I cannot identify the transmission the numbers on the side of the casing is 13 — 04 — it has screw in studs for the side plate and has 9 bolts holding the side played on can anybody help me identify this transmission thanks.

Crunching the number plates

I have a Ford Falcon Ranchero. What type of transmission do I have? Ford led the design of the speed transmission, as well as filing the design patents for said transmission. According to an official report by the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers the design of the speed gearbox is essentially all Ford, while GM was responsible for designing the 9-speed 9T transverse automatic gearbox.

As part of their joint-venture, Ford will let GM use the speed transmission with rights to modify and manufacture it for their own applications.

Identify Your Truck

In-exchange for Ford's speed transmission, General Motors will let Ford use its 9-speed transmission for front-wheel drive applications; Ford ultimately declined use of the 9T. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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