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One number he was given was to a realtor in California. When he called, the person on the other end had no idea what Larry was talking about. NewsChannel 11 investigated even further. We found out the phone call is coming from an unknown marketing company. That company was hired by a business to make all its phone calls. Once they find a willing participant, in this case NewChannel 11, they patch the phone call to a sales person with Vehicle Services, Inc.

They sell auto warranties.

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Here is their website. They are based out of St.

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Peters, Missouri. We checked on this company with the Better Business Bureau in St.

How To Reverse Phone Lookup -- How I Realized My Wife Was Cheating

Louis, they have a 'no rating' which means the company is neither good nor bad. And, we were surprised to learn from the BBB those phone calls most of us are getting, are coming from a legitimate business. But what they're selling may not be the deal you want to sign up for.

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That seems a little steep and even the experts agree. He says dealerships offer better deals than that. And Bowling knew exactly which phone calls we were talking about. Would you believe? As for Larry, he's still getting those phone calls and he just hangs up on them now. But, he wanted to make sure others knew to do the same thing. Outline Color.

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