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You'll find information on these pages that will lead you to the specific documentation you're searching for. It is important to keep in mind when doing research that the names and boundaries of certain counties in Tennessee have changed over the past two hundred years.

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Your ancestors may have lived on a certain farm in one county and when borders were redrawn records relating to your family history might have been located in another area entirely. When searching for land, court, tax, and other records it is also a good idea to search for these records in adjacent counties. Following is a complete list of Tennessee's 95 counties along with their formation dates, county seats, and names of parent counties.

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The only records that may have been saved were those that were stored in an iron safe. Hardin County, Texas Courthouse Records. Hardin County, Texas Census Records. Hardin County, Texas Vital Records.

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    Of course, a valid marriage license could only prove the consent of the state, and not the fact of the marriage, thus, there are other records in the collection that tends to prove the existence of the marriage. Under Texas law, copies of Hardin County Marriage License Records , like all other marriage records, may only be obtained from Hardin County if the marriage was celebrated in Hardin County.

    Thus, it is important to know where the marriage occurred. Assuming that the marriage did occur in the county, the first step would be to request for the same through a letter addressed to the county clerk. The letter should contain as much information as possible regarding the record in question. Upon receipt of this letter, the county clerk would send authorized personnel to search the archives for the record indicated and once the same had been located, it would be copied.

    Depending upon the method that was chosen to send the letter to the clerk, the copies of the record would either be mailed or handed in person to the person making the request.

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    Of course, there must be payment of the required copying fee and the method of payment is also dependent upon the method chosen. To be sure where the Texas Marriage License Record is stored, it is suggested that the searcher first obtain verification of the marriage from the Department of State Health Services. Note that if there is no verification at this department, then there is actually no marriage because registration is required before the marriage becomes official.