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Negligent Landlords

He took a huge burden off of my back within a very short period of time. I was absolutely pleased with the services Carl Marquardt provided. He was extremely knowledgeable and had an amazing ability to produce clear and precise written arguments. I now understand how essential it is to hire a skilled, professional lawyer. Marquardt keeps things focused and organized which in the end, made our adversaries lawyer seem less skilled.

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Carl Marquardt is fair and will be attentive to your needs. He is happy to explain what is going on and will gladly listen to your questions and concerns. I would hire him again without hesitation, and I guess I should include he won for us as well. Thank You! The legal help was precise, to the point and worth every penny. It gave me personal satisfaction of being represented as a woman confronting a large business corporation.

Thank you! I am very impressed with "Legalmatch", The attorney follow up, and two referral lawyers got right with me immediately. Initially my only concern with David was distance apart. We spoke when "need be", and he covered more, "in depth" information in regards to my case, that may result in my favor.

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I consider him my new Business Attorney! He is personable, efficient and precise! Thanks Again! I would recommend David and request his service in the future if needed. Mr Anderson provided us with outstanding representation. We actually obtained what our goal was, and I am confident it was because of Mr Anderswon's representation. Highly competent and knowledgeble of the real estate arena. He did the best job for my case. The judical system is lacking fair trials especially when it comes to the good old boy system in Lake County.

Anderson responded to my problem regarding a promissory note matter. I could not find another attorney who would take my case without paying a large up front fee.

Utah Eviction Law – Getting Rid of Terrible Tenants in Salt Lake City

Anderson took my case on with no up front fee and did all the work on contingency. In the end Mr. Anderson settled my case out of court and we got what I consider a very good settlement. I would definitely recommend Mr. David Anderson to anyone looking for professional legal help. He always called or emailed me back each day and never left me wondering what was going on.

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  • I thank him very much for his hard work. Anderson was extremely courteous, responsive, and professional. He took time to explain my options and helped explore possible outcomes with me before proceeding with my case. He was quick to respond to every communication and made me feel like I was his only client which is rare in my experience with other attorneys.

    I would recommend Mr. Anderson again, without hesitation! Anderson's professionalism was evident with every interaction that we shared. He listened well, researched, and patiently reviewed all of the legal options for my issue. At the close of our relationship, he mailed the remaining balance from my account within an hour of the request, and sent e-copies of all reference files from his findings.


    Top 10 Landlord Legal Responsibilities in Utah

    Great job! The lawyer did an outstanding job taking care of my problem.

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    He did not try to extrapolate the problem into something bigger or more complicated in order to make more money for me and himself even though the odds are good that such a course of action would be profitable. I hired Davis even though he was the most expensive lawyer I consulted. Looks like I made a good choice.

    I would definitely use Mr. David Anderson again. He promptly returns all your calls and is very kind and understanding of your needs. I would definitely recommend him to any family or friends of mine. Anderson was very knowlegable and helped me through a stressful time. He drafted a trial brief. He understood the time I had to file and immediatly worked on the case. I went to court feeling scared but confident. I won the case.

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    I would hire Mr. Anderson again and would recommend him to everyone. Can't find your category? Click here. Find My Lawyer Now! Tenant Law in Utah In Orem, Utah, relationships between tenants and landlords can sometimes become strained. Landlord's Rights in Orem, UT The most important and most apparent right that a landlord has is the right to timely payment of rent from the tenant.

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    Tenant's Rights in Orem, UT Much like landlords have a right to get paid for the service they provide, tenants have a right to get what they pay for: a suitable place to live. Talk to a Real Estate Law Attorney now! Condominiums and Cooperatives. Purchase and Sale of Residence.

    Construction Disputes. Title and Boundary Disputes. Landlord and Tenant. Zoning, Planning and Land Use. Please enter a valid zip code or city.

    An Implied Good Workmanship Warranty Exists for ALL Construction Work

    If a renter believes his or her residential rental unit has a deficient condition, the renter must give the owner written notice. The purpose of the written notice is to give the owner a chance to fix the problem before a renter has a right to the remedies in the Act. See id. The written notice must contain four things.

    The first item is a description of each deficient condition.