Kansas criminal and state records search

While the state strives to keep completely accurate records, if someone finds an error, they are able to alert the state to get it rectified. The public can access records of anyone that is currently incarcerated through the Kansas Department of Criminal Justice, but the search must include at the very least a name.

Vital Records

This site also has an advanced search feature to help pull up records. Often this information is needed in order to locate an offender.

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Absconder information can be accessed with pictures and thumbnails, which is a handy feature to help keep Kansans safe. Kansas court records and opinions can be accessed from the Kansas Judicial Branch website. Here the public can access court decisions and opinions.

The site contains self-help directories to guide the public in their search. Another site that can be used to access court records is the Office of Judicial Administration.

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The public can search active and completed cases by names of those involved. There are limitations regarding what records are found here.

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Sedgwick and Wyandotte counties are exceptions and there are links to those counties sites, however these sites are only available as subscriptions services. Records retrieved include civil limited action, domestic and family law, marriage licenses, personal property tax records, probate, small claims, state tax and statutory liens. Those wishing to avoid the fee can try searching county specific records. Some counties, such as Shawnee County Third Judicial District, provide public access online for free. Juvenile records are not included unless transferred to adult status.

Kansas Criminal History Record Check

As with all vital statistics, the public has limited access. Adoption records may or may not be available depending on the terms of the adoption. If it was an open adoption, then the records are available, but a closed adoption has had the records sealed.

Birth records, death records, marriage and divorce records as well as still born records are available at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment through the Office of Vital Statistics. The dates of the digital images displayed for Community Corrections offenders represent the dates these images were recorded in our database. These dates may not be the actual dates the digital images were taken. Digital images of inmates could also reflect dates that are not precisely the dates when these images were taken.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation Launches Mobile Criminal History Searches

The accuracy of the information in other links, such as other states' departments of corrections is not guaranteed by the Kansas Department of Corrections. In the event there is any discrepancy in the information provided, please contact the agency of origin.

The information contained on the KASPER website, including the list of offenders on absconder status, is updated each working day. However, the status of an offender may change from the time the information is updated and the time you access it. Therefore, the list of absconders, while a potentially useful reference, is valid for the preceding working day only. Anyone with information regarding any person listed as a parole absconder, any other person listed on KASPER website, or any other criminal activity, is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement authorities or the KDOC Enforcement, Apprehensions, and Investigations Unit at