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Assessment as well as Census information by area is available as well as a Tax Estimator to assist lenders, builders, and Realtors. The citizen can then select which comps they wish to use as evidence and save them. Simple, easy to use filters allow the citizen to select the sales evidence they feel best represents their own property.

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Payne County Assessor's Homepage. By utilizing our website, you can find information about any property in Payne County.

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With our Geographic Information System GIS Map access, you can see a digital aerial color image of the property, find out which school district the property is located within, which County Commissioner District the property is in, and the voting precinct. The Payne County Assessor's Office embraces technology and works hard to make access to public records and information a priority.

Property Research? No problem at Oklahoma County

While we are high-tech, we are also personal. Your Ad Valorem taxes help support schools, law enforcement, health and social services, libraries and county government.

Ad Valorem taxes are constitutional. Taxpayers themselves can actually vote in increases to their property taxes.

It is my job to be sure that your taxes are fairly assessed. My staff and I work very hard to be sure the job is done well.

We are always happy to hear from Creek County Taxpayers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call my office and we will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding taxes. If we can't answer your question, we will find someone who can. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as the Creek County Assessor.

It is truly an honor and a privilege. The Official Creek County Website.