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Dex Media Seo Service. Oct 09 UnfoldedPuma Dex Media - I asked for one thing and they sold and charged me for something else. Rating Details Additional Fees. Advertised vs Delivered.

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I called Dex advertising to have the white and yellow page content of our listing corrected. The individual I spoke with took my info and told me they would not only help me correct the incorrect listing in the upcoming phone book soon to be released but sold me on upgrading my listing and paying for advertising through them.

When the new phone book came out a few months later and I looked through it for the corrections I could see the corrections had never been made and info listed was more incorrect than in the prior years phone book. I called Dex Advertising for a second time and the salesperson I spoke with told me they actually don't handle the paper phone book listing but only online listings.

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She said the gentlemen who sold me my advertising package and was suppose to be helping me with my concerns sold me a package for an online listing only. She stated that since she could see my company was getting results from the online listing they would not fix anything for me. She also let me know if I wanted my listing updated in the paper phone book it was an entirely different company all together that handles that and is no associated with Dex. This is my 23rd year as a business owner and was very clear with my salesperson.

Talk about being ripped off! I would not suggest this company for advertising needs. You may not get what you asked for and may never know it until its too late. What a joke! View full review. Comment 0 0.

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  6. Service Dex Media Customer Care. Pros No pros thus far. Cons Sold me something i didnt ask for or want Lying about the service they sold me. Preferred solution Full refund. Share Share Tweet.

    Nov 03 PotableImpala Dex Media in Miami, Florida - Law suit. Dex Media - Worst experience ever. Rating Details Advertised vs Delivered. Pros Zero pro.

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    Cons Negative star rating because they lie to get business Free listing request starts the harassing calls Wont let you cancel. Tags Dex Media Seo Sem. Oct 25 PotableImpala Dex Media - Upset. Rating Details Product or Service Quality. Horrible experience All they did is collect monthly payments from me made faults promises and never delivered continually harassed me to pay for something I never received I was finally bullied into a pay off. Cons Scam Continue charging me even after cancelling Free listing request starts the harassing calls. Reason of review Bad quality.

    Oct 03 DelayedAyeAye Dex Media - Sales person didn't cancel contract - Continuous harassment calls. So we went ahead and did that.

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    We have been very specific about location and distribution and were assured they would not change. Yes lied too would be correct. We paid for a goods and services that were not delivered. We have asked North Port residents about the phone books that were delivered to their homes and not one has mentioned your phone book. Your company has negatively affected our business due to the lack of advertising. Due to the lack of advertising this has resulted in a lack of income that we had budgeted for. We have email multiple times to get explanations and all we get are vague answers.

    Goods and services were not delivered that is called stealing and we would like a refund of what we paid. We have requested answers in writing, explaining distribution changes and reason why we were not made aware of changes and have receive nothing. Furthermore we here at the office have also never received a copy of the phone book and were told to go to the web site to find our ad. We also told your company of the phone number being incorrect and no one has brought that up to us.

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    My apologies for the issues outlined regarding your account experience. That's definitely not the experience we want any of our valued clients to have. We'll be reaching out as soon as possible regarding this matter. We had some yellow pages advertising with DexYP and the conversation we had with their local rep about the service that they provided led us to doing the website with them as well. Their service has been fairly valuable to our company and we've had good experiences with them. I signed up for DexYP services and wasn't given proper disclosure as to the exact services that would be provided.

    My experience with Dexyp was a very disappointing one, to say the least. The organization has horrible customer service and refuse to address any of the issues that I brought up as a client. The website that I was given was supposed to be dynamic with a personalized search engine, which never worked. I was supposed to have a videographer come out to shoot a video for the website, never happened. My rep.

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    Dexyp also tried to say there was no way out of the contract. No, buy out, no other option but to stay on a contract I'm not happy with. I recommend that anyone considering doing business with them, to not do business with them. My apologies for the issues outlined and that customer service expectations weren't met during your attempts to reach out regarding this matter. Please expect a call from our Executive Claims Team as they will be contacting you with hopes of addressing and resolving all concerns. DexYP is a good company. We've been using their phonebook services for years and we've had a good experience with them.

    We've been with DexYP for at least five years now and they have a good product. It lives up to what they said. We don't do much advertising so both their online and their print services help out a great deal with us. Their representatives have been very good and helpful as well. We are a dental office and we feel that we still need a phonebook presence, a paper phonebook, one thing you can hold in your hand.

    And also we're interested in the internet listing for us. We reached out to Dex because we've always used them for our Yellow Page advertising. However, when I phone them, I am a little frustrated with some of the directions that I have to follow to get to what I want. But everything gets handled fine. We also have an auto credit card payment every month and that seems to be working just fine too. I have 2 emails stating that the account is closed, and I am still getting phone calls from the office that it is not closed.