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The unit comes with a windshield mount. The windshield on my Prius had too much rake and I could not see the screen well when mounted this way since it was either too high or two far away out of arms reach. I ended up using the supplied disk to stick on my dash board.

I then mounted the suction cup to the disk. This worked but the disk did have to be permanently mounted. A longer goose neck or extension would have been a nice option for my installation. I also found the unit was not easy to attach to the stand. It usually takes me a couple of tries to get it to stay on.

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Power on the unit by pressing the power on button and holding it for a second or so. It will start and show the main screen. It is similar to the one shown on the left. This main screen shows a 3D image of the road ahead. You can set a preference for a 2D map if you prefer. The map itself shows roads and, if selected, POI's. Zoom boxes are located in the upper left and upper right corners. These can be tapped to change the scale of the image. In addition the map image there is data about the turn ahead and quite a bit of information shown in the lower right corner.

The top row of text shows the total distance for the trip in miles and the current time.

A bar chart on the right shows the GPS reception status like the signal bars on a cell phone. If inertial guidance is in use the letters ASN will replace the bars. The second line shows the total trip time, the estimated time of arrival ETA , and the current speed. If the battery is low a battery gauge will alternate with the speed.

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The third row shows the name of the street for the next turn. If you like to drive in the right lane of the freeway or are in heavy traffic a lot you may really like the ETA number. If you tend to push the envelope a bit in the left lane you will find it pretty pessimistic. I found that having so much data in such a small space made it more difficult to glance at the screen as get the information I needed. The lower left corner shows an icon indicating the direction of the turn and the distance to the turn in yards or miles.

Tomtom Maps

This is easy to use even though thinking in yards if a bit new to me. You golfers will be right at home with this. The turn data is augmented with a clear and distinct voice that prompts you with the turn data. You can choose from several different voices and switch voices anytime you wish. The voice clarity was excellent but you pay for this in the weight of the unit which is fairly heavy due to the weight and bulk of the speaker magnet. The voice does not provide much data which may please some people that prefer their unit to be silent most of the time.

For example, on freeway exits it just tells you to exit without saying which side of the freeway the exit is located on.


Be sure and read the highway signs. The screen is bright enough but it behaves like a mirror and the glare can make the screen impossible to read at times. This is a 3. This limits the distance ahead that can be displayed. The screen needs a screen protector with anti-glare properties to be seen in the daytime. Tapping the map will bring up a menu screen with icons.

The 5 entries include:. Routes are computed from your current position and there is no control over the way the route is computed. It always attempts to compute the quickest route. No options does simplify the interface a bit but removes some choices for the user. Once a route is generated you can just let the unit do the work and follow the instructions.

If you decide on a different course the unit will automatically reroute you. I have found that it generates reasonable routes most of the time and tends to do better than some other tools in the countryside where its maps are generally the best there are available. In the cities the maps are not quite a good as some other vendors. The generated routes have some funny quirks occasionally. These include taking an exit and then getting right back on the freeway or indicating a turn when you want to go straight.

The route instructions have some funny quirks as well. When exiting off of highway in CA I needed to go south bound on Lawrence expressway. At that point Lawrence expressway and Caribbean expressway come together with Caribbean going North. The program told be to go south on Caribbean, which is, of course, incorrect. In another case as I was traveling North on I it told be the next turn was onto I but they are parallel roads. It left out the street that you need to turn on to get between them.

In all cases the map correctly showed the turns. The program has a feature to turn off the maps and just have the turn instructions. This provides a screen that is easier to read with nice large text and arrows but given the above situations you will probably not want to use the feature.

You need to set the correct time on this unit. It can compute the correct time from the GPS solution but it does not update the clock automatically.

Installing your navigation device in your car

Once integrated, end users can locate charging stations of all types, or filter to find only compatible charging sites. When the user indicates a route, the API will present compatible charging stations along the way. For routes that lack charging stations, the API includes options to show nearby charging stations. Skip to main content. Add Your Api. Write for us Become member Login.

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Become member Login. We have also covered a number of models that have not been designed by either of our two top manufactures being TomTom and Garmin. VanillaPlus is the world-leading resource covering digital transformation for the communications industry.


Voice controlled means you will be able to receive hands-free calls and smartphone messages offering connectivity with safety. TomTom expanded their range of NavCore 5 devices with the ruggedized Rider for motorcycle users , and the budget TomTom One, in late This Free voice add-on gives MorphVOX voice changing software, six realistic women Voices including: Agnes the grandmother, Donna the tough biker, or Celeste the idealistic college student. This is just the best, Star Wars voices now available for TomTom devices. Media that can be downloaded for free with a Pond5 Membership.

So I was looking for some tomtom voices and came across this site: tomtom voices Just scroll through the thread and you will see lots of voices to download. Free AthTek Voice Recorder is free audio software.