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In fact, children under the age of 18 can also become victims. Child identity theft happens when someone uses a minor child's personal information, such as name and Social Security number, usually to obtain credit or employment.

Act fast if your Social Security card is stolen

Identity thieves may target children because the crime can go undetected for years, often until the child applies for his or her first loan or credit card. Bills, credit cards or debt collection calls to your home in your child's name may be signs of identity theft. If your child receives a pre-approved credit offer, it might mean that someone is using the child's identity.

But it might be just a marketing offer as a result of your opening a bank account or college fund in your child's name. When opening a bank account for your child, ask the bank to remove your child's name from marketing lists. The credit reporting agencies do not knowingly maintain credit files on minor children. If you suspect that your child's information has been used fraudulently, you should notify the three major credit bureaus.

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You may be able to do this by calling the bureaus at the toll-free numbers below. Follow the cues for "fraud" on the automated phone systems. Experian experian. Equifax alerts.

Replace a Lost Passport

TransUnion transunion. Give the child's name, Social Security number, and other requested information. The phone systems will probably give you a response of "no file found" or "information does not match. You should follow up by writing to the credit bureaus.

Report the suspected identity theft and ask them to confirm in writing that they have no file on your child. Sample letters are at the back of this Information Sheet. If there is a file in your child's name, you will be told that a fraud alert is placed on the file. You will also be sent instructions on how to get a copy of the child's credit report from each of the credit bureaus.

There will be no charge for these copies.

When Your Child's Identity Is Stolen

If any of the credit bureaus sends you a report, call the credit bureau at the number on the report. Explain that the report is associated with a minor who does not have a credit history. This action makes it harder for anyone to open a new account under your name without additional verification of identity. You can also file a police report to help legitimize your claim of identity fraud in the future to dispute any fraudulent charges or accounts in your name.

If you have misplaced, thrown out, or lost your social security card it is also wise to follow some of the same actions as if your card was stolen. You should still check your credit report and accounts to be sure no one has found your lost card and created new accounts in your name. After this, you can apply for a replacement social security card online through the Social Security Administration website or in person at the nearest social security office.

Getting Replacement Social Security Cards (2019)

To apply for a replacement social security card online you will need the following:. If you cannot apply for a replacement social security card online, you can fill out this form and visit an office to apply for your new card. Need help obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate to apply for your replacement social security card? Start your online birth certificate order with VitalChek here.

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