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You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a major credit card. RE: also has capabilities to send online invoices to receive payments. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. Kirsch, the chairman of Infoseek. A deal with Netscape may help a company jump ahead of its competitors. The chairman of Cnet, Halsey Minor, said his company would consider selling a piece of Snap, a service modeled on Yahoo, to Netscape or to a big media company to bring in traffic.

Yet it is unclear whether Netscape is interested in building any brand but its own. Mike Homer, general manager of its new Web site division, says Netscape wants a search company to provide it with the information to offer a search service along with a directory of the Internet, similar to the yellow pages, under the Netscape brand name.

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Netscape had hoped to have a deal set a few weeks ago, but has not reached an agreement, people involved in the talks said. It has asked for large cash payments and stock in the search company, which would earn money from selling advertising. Many companies see such terms as too steep a price for a deal that might last only two or three years. Kirsch of Infoseek acknowledged that reaching a deal might be difficult.

Homer said Netscape was also negotiating for sources of other content, like stock quotations and computer industry news. Search services have evolved into popular gateways through which people venture onto the Internet. That makes advertisers interested in these services, which have also collected substantial revenue by selling links to other sites, like those selling books or music.

Moreover, these sites have been using their popularity to expand into other services, like E-mail, news chat groups and other activities that keep viewers lingering longer and looking at more advertising. Excitement about the search companies has driven their stock prices to spectacular heights. And competitors are lining up. Microsoft is creating Start. And investment bankers report that many big traditional media companies are considering buying search sites, too, so they are not left out of what could be the next big type of media property.