Ford reader programmer for vehicle passive transponder pat key specification

Sends locking signal to module. A fault has to be present at the time of testing for the On Demand Self Test to detect the fault. When a fault is detected a Diagnostic Trouble Code will be output. The VGT monitor ran during the current drive cycle. The VGT vane position was learned at the medium duty cycle.

The VGT vane position was learned at the upper duty cycle. The conditions are not correct for learning the VGT vane position. The distance travelled since the High Temperature Mode was activated. The manifold pressure is displayed in vacuum gauge format.

The strategy successfully learned the VGT vane position. If the PATS programming function is available in the Service chapter, it is implemented for this model and must work in full. There are 2 types of secure access: coded and timed. Coded requires an incode generation by the outcode provided by vehicle.

Timed access requires that operator has wait for some period of time usually 10 minutes with diagnostic tester connected. Some vehicles support only coded access, some only timed access, some support both. FORScan supports all of these options. If both access types are available, FORScan asks user to select the preferred one. Module Initialization option available for some models may require special Dual coded access.

Detailed information about. This is quite important option so we have decided to create a dedicated article to discuss it. In many cases PATS system is distributed, it means more than one module is involved in the protection. Module Initialization function is designed to synchronize match these modules with each other.

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It should not be used during simple key programming except AU models. The inialization logic is model-specific, so it is always recommended to read information FORScan provides before start of the procedure same informaion is always available using Help item in the PATS programming menu :.

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  8. Most common usage — initialize when new fuel pump is installed. Erase all keys Single coded or timed access have to be obtained ii. Program at least 2 new keys iii. Do module initalization. If only FIP module is replaced, then steps i and ii are not necessary and only step iii have to be executed.

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    If only PCM is replaced, the steps i and ii are not necessary, and only step iii have to be executed. Module initialization logic here depends on the model, so follow FORScan instructions and acknowledge the Help info as mentioned above. Also, timed access to PATS is used for these models in majoirty of cases. These models have no dedicated functions for erase and program keys. Programming is performed as a whole — keys are erased, then programmed.

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    Module initialization is a part of this process and called automatically. Module initialization can be called separately to match BEM and PCM, for example if the match was lost for some reason or programming procedure somehow failed before the initialization was completed. Coded access is also not used here, similar to US market models.

    Extended license viewtopic. PATS knows 2 master keys, but the owner has only 1 of them. The owner wants to erase the lost key from the PATS memory and program new one for this purpose a blank key is purchased. There is no way to delete a single key, only all known keys can be erased. So the user has to perform the operation in 2 steps: remove all keys known by PATS and program the old key and the new key. Here we go:. Select the Ignition Keys Erase option.

    FORScan will read outcode and suggest you to generate an incode using the built-in generator:. You can accept and generate incode using built-in generator, or refuse and use an external incode generator.

    How the Ford PATS antitheft system works

    In this case FORScan will show you the outcode and ask to enter the incode:. If confirmed, the operation is executed and user is returned back to the main menu.

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    User should see now zero keys known by PATS. For this purpose the Ignition Key Programming option must be used. User will be suggested to program the key:. It is important to leave the programmed key in the ignition lock, because number of known keys is non-zero and FORScan will look for a master key. But this time these 2 keys are in hands.

    Note: some models for Australian and American markets have no stand-alone Ignition Key programming function. So on these models it is not possible to add a key to th PATS memory.