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Crime Stoppers of Michigan empowers people to make their neighborhoods, schools and businesses safer through anonymous reporting of crime.

MDOC: Staff failures in Elliot escape

Click here to read more Wayne County Sheriff Benny N. Office Butterfield II was killed Sept. Officer Butterfield II served with the Michigan State Police Department for 14 years and was a Distinguished Expert Marksman, defensive tactics instructor, arson investigator and an evidence technician. Napoleon and the WCSO observed a collective moment of silence through motor patrol on Saturday, September 14, at p. All Sheriff Units activated their emergency equipment for 15 seconds in honor of Officer Butterfield. The men and women who own the uniforms and badges of law enforcement have one goal in mind, preserving the peace for the innocent.

That is why they are called Peace Officers. Their mission is rife with emotional and physical challenges and no one day is like another. They and their families never know when they leave their home if it will be the last time they will see their loved ones. To this end, I salute all who have died in the line of duty. They are true heroes. Wayne County Sheriff Sgt. The concept was borne of a conversation McKee and her neighbor,. Sheriff Connect Search. Classification Bonds Contact Us. Juvenile Detention Facility.

Nebraska Gov. There is precedent for Midwestern states to successfully, and dramatically, reduce their prison populations. One reason for this drop was the creation of the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative, which increased parole approval rates and reduced parole returns to prison by engaging with the community and establishing alternatives to revocation for parole violators. The Michigan Legislature has taken significant actions as well.

Later in , new laws were enacted SB to expedite the use of alternatives to prison, such as the use of specialized drug and mental health treatment courts. Corrections commission; gifts, donations, bonds, real or personal property; purpose. Corrections commission; estimation of needs and cost, submission to department of administration.

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Establishment of correctional facility; determination of need; comprehensive plan; notice of proposal; local advisory board; public hearing required; procedure; public notice of hearings; minutes of hearing; finding and notice of final site selection; option to lease, purchase, or use property. Relations with city, village, or township in which facility located; duties of advisory committee or advisory board. Applicability of MCL Scott correctional facility; western Wayne correctional facility; capacity limits; increase.

Construction of correctional facility; requirements; definition.

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Correctional facility described in MCL Probation officers; appointment, supervision, and removal; grounds for removal of probation employee; receipt of compensation, gift, or gratuity as misdemeanor; powers and duties of commission. Assistant director as administrative head; powers and duties; forms for reports by probation officers. Probation personnel as members of state classified civil service; compensation of county probation employees; plan; rents, contractual services, supplies, materials, and equipment. Probation service; compensation of probation officers; service grants. Supervision fees; collection; records; payment; waiver; determination; allocation of money collected for other obligations; administrative costs; enhanced services; unpaid amounts.

Information on juvenile probationers; assistance; free access to books, records, files, and documents. Privileged or confidential communications; access to records, reports, and case histories; confidential relationship inviolate. Bureau of field services; establishment; direction and supervision by deputy director; appointment; duties; assistants.

Parole board; establishment; appointment, terms, and removal of members; vacancy; salary and expenses; designation and responsibility of chairperson; powers and duties. Parole guidelines; rules; reasons for departure from guidelines; report. Prisoners subject to jurisdiction of parole board; indeterminate and other sentences; termination of sentence; prisoner sentenced to imprisonment for life; ineligibility for parole; criteria for placement on parole; conditions; interview; release on parole; discretion of parole board; appeal to circuit court; cooperation with law enforcement by prisoner violating MCL Placement of prisoner in special alternative incarceration unit.


Everson v. Michigan Dept. of Corrections, 222 F. Supp. 2d 864 (E.D. Mich. 2002)

Placement of prisoner on parole; release to United States immigration and customs enforcement; deportation. Prisoner reentry; identification documents; refusal of prisoner to obtain documents; written information to be provided to prisoner; electronic access by secretary of state to prisoner information; reentry success fund. Documents to be issued prisoner upon release; certificate of employability; issuance; revocation; false statement or representation as misdemeanor; confirmation of validity; form; liability of department for certain actions.

Release of prisoner on parole; procedure; medical parole for medically frail; definitions. Collection of supervision fee by parole board; limitation; payment; determination of amount; allocation of money collected for other obligations; waiver of fee; determination and collection of fee for offender transferred to state under interstate compact; administrative costs; unpaid amounts. Paroled or discharged prisoner; furnishing clothing, transportation, and money; repayment of money; prisoner identification card; cost of implementing section. Custody of paroled prisoner; warrant for return of paroled prisoner; incarceration pending hearing; treatment as escaped prisoner; time during parole violation not counted as time served; forfeiture of good time; committing crime while on parole; construction of parole.

Arrest for alleged parole violation; right to preliminary hearing; notice of hearing; rights at hearing; postponement; notice of charges, summary of evidence, and determination of guilt when preliminary hearing not held.

Everson v. Michigan Dept. of Corrections, F. Supp. 2d (E.D. Mich. ) :: Justia

Prisoner convicted of violent felony; placement on parole; special provisions; history of substance abuse; report; definitions. Parole; revocation; violation; right to fact-finding hearing; time and location of hearing; parolee determined to be indigent; appointment of attorney; notice; rights at hearing; postponement; notice to director if hearing not conducted within certain time period; insufficient evidence; reinstatement to parole status; finding of parole violation; revocation of parole; noncompliance with order to make restitution; "violent felony" defined.

Parole board interview of prisoner serving sentence for first degree murder or sentence of imprisonment for life without parole; board duties upon own initiation or receipt of application for reprieve, commutation, or pardon; exception; files as public record. Reprieve, commutation, or pardon; request from governor to expedite review and hearing process; basis; duties of parole board; files as public record.

Decisions and recommendations of parole board; majority vote required.

Hearings division; creation; appointment and duties of hearing administrator; duties of hearings division; supervision and qualifications of hearing officer. Official record of hearing; preparation; contents; exclusion of certain evidence. Rehearing; order; request; conduct; evidence; amending or vacating decision or order; rules.