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They also need to carry a photo identification from an official U. The process of clearing customs differs widely on both the border office, as well as the method of arrival of the traveler. Indeed, even if a person coming from the United States is only going through Canada because of a connecting flight to another country, it is very likely that they will have to go through Canadian customs; most people require a visitor visa, a transit visa, or an Electronic Travel Authorization eTA , which are required for almost all visitors.

Canada Tourist Visa Documents Checklist - Canada Visitor Visa Documents Needed

A temporary resident visa is an official document stamped on the passport, which allows temporary entry into Canada for brief visits. You can apply for a visitor visa online, on paper, or at the Canadian border, by bringing all the required materials of the application. These visas are required for any visitor coming from non-visa-exempt countries who is traveling through Canada to another country, and whose flight will stop in Canada for less than 48 hours.

You can apply for a transit visa online or on paper. An eTA allows people from visa-exempt countries to temporarily enter Canada when traveling by air. It is valid for up to five years or until the expiry date on the passport; if expired, visitors can always apply for a new eTA. Visitors should always fill out an eligibility form to find out which visa they should acquire in order to enter the country. There are, however, extremely rare instances when visitors will not have to apply for a visa or eTA in case of a layover in Canada.

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This only happens when the visitors are traveling to or from the United States with valid U. In most cases, however, tourists traveling between the United States and Canada should always be prepared to travel, with the right documents in hand. CKR Law.

Toggle navigation. A Michigan enhanced driver's license meets driving, identification and border crossing needs, according to the state of Michigan website. Customs and Border Protection.

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Customs and Border Control. Acceptable documents include a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court documents showing a legal name change.

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You could also take the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Bus. Furry friends joining your Canadian road trip can enter Canada if they're accompanied by a rabies vaccination certification, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. If your dog is less than three months old, a rabies certification is not required, but proof of the dog's age must be provided if requested.

Cats less than 3 months are exempt from the requirements. Do you need a passport to drive to Canada? Tanya Wildt Detroit Free Press.