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That is, if you are sincere about your pro-choice sentiment.

By Philip Jett

Ken, it sounds like you have gone straight into the rabbit hole. The presumption that a teenage girl will abort instead of putting the child up for adoption because secrecy cannot be kept is the wrong reason to keep records sealed.

This too is an outdated thought. I am adopted and most definitely pro life, and for whatever reason my birth mother decided to have me and put me up for adoption. This new law is awesome for so many adoptees. So many questions. They may still go unanswered but the possibility is so much better now to get answers.

Home Office warns parents with different surname to kids to bring birth certificate to airport

That is a lot cheaper than the old method which was to print a photocopy of the original from microfilm. Eventually, the Governor gave permission to make a copy of the original available, but even then, the birthers were not convinced. There is a lot of ignorance in some of these comments. This issue has been carefully studied, litigated and researched for decades. Most of the rest of the world opened records to adult asoptees long ago. Kansas and Alaska never sealed their records to adoptees. Oregon opened records almost 20 years ago.

Moreover, DNA, which now cheap, fast and easy, has made even the concept of state enforced birth parent anonymity absurd and irrelevant. Access to the original records of our births and other adoption records is simply about the dignity that comes from the due process and equal protection of the law. Now thankfully Hawaii has joined the growing number of states to recognize that. Wonderful to see Hawaii joining the ranks of modern, democracies that grant equal rights to adoptees and treat them under the law with the same rights as non-adoptees.

Thank you state of Hawaii and the leaders who made this possible. Where I live, Oregon has opened its birth records to adult adoptees for nearly two decades without any ill effect.

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One day we might return to the original legal practice eroded sinced the s by a coalition of interest groups and state lawmakers that allowed all U. I would recommend anyone unfamiliar with the original intent of the creators of modern American adoption in the 20th century read E. This has been the product of political processes that ulimately deny equal rights to millions of Americans—the same Americans who by strange coincidence have historically been treated as social pariahs people born out of marriage—bastards as we like to call ourselves.

Mahalo, Hawaii! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to Ian Lind's blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Skip to content. About Archives Contact Subscriptions. Legislature approves opening adoption records to adoptees, parents Posted on May 7, by Ian Lind 13 Comments.

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The legislative website makes this relatively simple. According to the Senate committee report on the measure: Your Committee finds that states began sealing adoption records in the middle of the twentieth century to protect adopted children from the stigma of illegitimacy. Anyway, dig through the bills that were approved and flag those of particular interest to you. Please follow and like us:. This entry was posted in General. Bookmark the permalink. Ken Conklin May 7, at pm Reply. Natalie May 8, at pm Reply. Ken Conklin May 8, at pm Reply. Sacramento County Vital Records Office issues birth certificates for newborns, infants, and children for the most recent two calendar years.

It is required by California law that the hospital where a birth occurs submits the information for the birth certificate to be registered to our office within 10 calendar days of the event. You may call our office to verify that the birth certificate is available. If your newborn's birth certificate has not been registered within 10 days of birth, please contact your hospital's birth clerk to inquire about the status.

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Links to Applications for Ordering Birth Records. A notarized statement sworn under penalty of perjury must accompany orders sent by mail to ensure that the requester is an authorized person. Authorized Certified Copies vs. Informational Certified Copies. California law defines individuals who can obtain an authorized certified copy of a birth certificate as:. If you cannot obtain an authorized copy under California law, you can obtain an informational copy.

An informational copy contains the same information as an authorized copy, but will have a legend across the face with the statement "Informational, Not a Valid Document to Establish Identity.

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Birth Certificates for Adults or Older Children. Birth Certificates for Out-of-County Births. Birth certificates for births in another California County can be obtained by contact the local health jurisdiction where the birth occurred or the CDPH Office of Vital Records.

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We close early at pm on the workdays before December 25 th and December 31 st and on four additional Fridays for staff development and training. Please call our office to verify office hours.

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Fee Schedule Please note that our office accepts cash or check only. Connect with Sacramento County. Translation Disclaimer. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode.

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