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Some databases are national—sex-offender registries, for example, federal criminal records, and federal healthcare databases.

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The great majority of information, however, is stored at the state and local level, often in the thousands of county courthouses across the country. For example, to conduct a thorough criminal records search in Idaho, it would be necessary to search The Idaho Court System, which contains a complete record of convictions, The Idaho State Correction database, which contains records of those on parole or on probation, the Idaho State Bureau of Investigation, which provides finger-print based background checks for a small fee , and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which provides the same service at the federal level for a fee.

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It would also be necessary to contact the local clerk of court for county and municipal records. It is important to remember that background checks, credit checks, and criminal records searches are governed by federal law—specifically, the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA. Commercial use of such reports is restricted to the last seven years of a person's history.

Beyond this, public records are typically sealed.

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Like us! Child also earned a reputation as a financial bulwark on the board as the district faced back-to-back budget deficits. Child is up against three challengers in the primary election. Cepeda has denied the allegation, saying she changed the first letter to reflect its original spelling.

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For a closer look at all the candidates running for school board seats in Clark County, check out our miniature profiles below:. Reason for running: Cepeda said unhappiness with the current school board motivated her to join the race. Cepeda, who works in higher education, also wants to strengthen bonds between the K system and college and universities.

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How you envision the school district five years from now: Cepeda hopes to see the Clark County School District morph into an organization that has a positive climate and culture. Low morale among district employees hurts kids, she said. Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky banned him from visiting schools last year after ongoing complaints about his behavior in schools.

The embattled trustee, however, has cultivated a reputation as an outspoken board member and vocal critic of Skorkowsky and district finances. An independent investigator is looking into whether Skorkowsky broke any protocol by hiring Jason Wright, who was reassigned to another school after a child accused him of kicking and grabbing his collar.

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Child said the key to achieving that vision is providing appropriate leadership training for principals. The address listed on the donations is the same as the one he provides for himself. School districts and the State Public Charter School Authority can sponsor charter schools, and that involves submitting yearly reports about their academic progress.

The Clark County School District sponsors seven charter schools along with two distance-learning charters. Occupation: UNLV student majoring in political science and part-time real-estate agent.

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Reason for running: Thompson said watching ineffective board leadership unfold over the last few months motivated him to run, along with a desire to bring his ideas — as a recent product of the school district — to the elected position. Name three priorities if elected as a school trustee: Thompson said he wants to expand policies that promote diversity and tolerance for all students, including those who identify as transgender or have disabilities.

It will take including students, parents and community members in the policy-formation process to make that vision a reality, he said. Campaign cash: She did not report raising any money for her campaign. Reason for running: The Nevada Independent could not reach Ballinger for an interview and her campaign did not have a website available.

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