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Being eligible for annulment requires you to have remained conviction free from any further criminal activity for a prescribed number of years. This period of good behavior ranges from one year for a Violation level offense to ten years for certain Class A Felonies.

Additionally, you are required to file a Petition to Annul for each charge for which you were convicted and now seek annulment. Finally, your annulment Petition needs to demonstrate to the court that you have successfully completed all of the terms of your sentence. Thereafter, whether or not the Court grants the Petition to annul is discretionary. Researching your prior criminal history, confirming your eligibility for annulment, and preparing and filing your annulment Petition are all part of our process to help clear your name and your record.

Our experienced annulment lawyers are here to help. We are available for a confidential and Free Telephone Consultation at Free Injury Consultation: 1. New Hampshire Legal Blog.

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NH RSA We recently had to turn away a would-be client who filed an annulment petition on her own for her son, several months early — it was denied, and now her son has to wait three more years. If you or a loved one has a NH criminal conviction and you would like to hire a lawyer to pursue an annulment, give us a call or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you! Read More Recent Blog Posts.

Aggravated DWI Dropped, Reckless Driving Plea Instead In the Exeter District Court, Client was charged with aggravated DWI, an offense carrying mandatory jail time upon conviction, based on the allegation that she drove under the influence of drugs with her ten-year-old son in the car.

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Ted Lothstein argued that the arresting officer initially noticed nothing unusual and even let defendant drive a short distance, did a shoddy investigation, and made critical mistakes when administering the warnings related to a blood test. He retained Ted Lothstein, who prepared for trial, and then secured a plea where the DWI was dismissed and replaced with a reckless driving complaint, reducing Client's overall license suspension to days and saving him from the long-term economic hardship and stigma of a DWI conviction.

The County Attorney gloated to the jury in his opening statement that this was the only adult rape case he could remember where there was a third-party eyewitness — another woman who claimed to have walked in on Client violently sexually assaulting his girlfriend. At trial, even with both women testifying against Client, a divided jury could not reach a verdict, and the State later dropped the charge. Read More.

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Read More Recent Case Results. Criminal Appeals Victories. Criminal Defense. Criminal Appeals. What is Annulment of a Conviction? Contact Us for Help with Annulment If you or a loved one has a NH criminal conviction and you would like to hire a lawyer to pursue an annulment, give us a call or contact us online.

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