Cell phone do not call list email hoax

He then told me to go straight to my computer and I could pay on line. He was Indian and since I have had dozens of scam calls from India, I smelt a Rat and put the phone down. This call came on my landline so it isn't just cell phones they are calling.

Here's the Truth About the National Do Not Call List | Reader's Digest

Posted By: Liz. I rang PayaTrader who they take the money through who very kindly gave me their telephone number, so i rang and was promised a call back which didn't arrive so i rang angain it took 4 calls and eventually spoke to a rude man who processed the refund when i explained how i got his number.

Posted By: shirley.

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Parents have been had by these scum. Do not deal with them at all, need shutting down by police now. Posted By: Ian Matthews. Complained a few weeks ago as getting so many scam calls promised reply in 4 days never got it. Contacted DNCR again and registered my phone number. Had reply email saying that I was not registered with them.

I gave incorrect credit card number so they called back I told them what a cheat they were as I was already registered with them. They promised to investigate and call back!!!! Posted By: Jim Goodwin. I immediately spoke to the caller and advised we were not going to pay any more money to them, he threatened legal action if we did not pay. Bring it on! Posted By: David G Nowell. Just been 'had' by Do Not Call UK who denied being the firm that had me previously with a call blocker which doesn't work.

On entering the payment in my Quicken expenditure recording programme, I noted that the phone number was the same as before.

Why you should ignore that Facebook cell phone ‘Do Not Call’ list warning

They do not answer their customer service numbers For the record they are Don't fall for it! Posted By: Mrs Pye. My Father was conned by these people last year. He has Alzheimer's but unfortunately at the time he had not been diagnosed. He to received the so call blocker with instructions that not meant to be understood and very minimal. I only found out when the box arrived what he had done and contacted his bank immediately. He has just received a phone call asking for more money as the year was but it was for two years.

I told him I knew nothing about this, I explained my fathers medical condition and he offered to charge me to cancel the standard order! I asked him what standing order I told him I was going to ring the bank and put a stop on it, if that was the case and he said "You can't it can only be done from this end. I asked to speak to someone who was responsible for this and he said it was the accounts and they would ring me back that was at 3pm and I am still waiting!!

Its despicable how these people live with themselves, all I can say they will have to be old and vulnerable one day and I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around. Posted By: Anne Mansfield.

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I fell for this company over a year ago and bought the call blocker, no instructions how to set it up! Their "support desk" gave me some basic instructions. I said I did not have a contract and they said I had agreed to one verbally!

Be On Guard

I may be in my 70's but I am still sharp. I said there was no way I would do that. I nearly fell for it, they are very persuasive, threatening me with legal action if I did not pay. I gave in, gave my bank details and five minutes later thought better of it and rang my bank to stop payment. They then rang me back when they could not collect again threatening me with legal action. I put the phone down and guess what? No further contact, no legal action, it was just a scam.

But upsetting it at the time and I am sure many people fall for these unscrupulous people. Posted By: Chika. Got a call today from a man with a very thick indian accent. He got as far as asking for financial details so I asked why he needed to know. When he failed to give a valid reason, I cut him off and immediately added the number to the call blocker I installed last week. Posted By: Brian. Blocking Indian Call Centres. Indian accent You know the story.

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Called me back 10 minutes after I called then scammers. I asked waht has happened to the TPS. Make sure you warn others. Posted By: Sarah. I've just had the same today 15th June Thought it was ironic he said he would be blocking Indian call centres and they were based in Bournemouth when he had a very clear Indian acent!

He did end call quickly though when I said I never sign to anything over the phone and id check their company before committing!

I thought I smelt a rat!! Posted By: Gerald Berriman. Friday 12 th June Just had a call from Mark on behalf of national do not call offering to block all unwanted call he said he was based in Bournemouth and his phone number is I managed to keep him talking for about 7 or 8 mins and told him the longer he talks to me he is not conning someone else. I hope nobody gets conned by these evil people.

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  • Posted By: Mary Place. I live In Australia and have just received a call from the "do not call register" here in OZ. I am registered with the official site. But this was obviously an Indian call centre. Posted By: Julie. I also just had a call from an Indian sounding gentleman saying he was from the Don Not call Registry. He said he had heard I was still receiving unwanted calls and asked me how many. He could obviously tell I sounded very suspicious and he immediately rang off. I checked the call list and guess the number - !! At least I didn't listen to his phony pun intended story!

    Posted By: jon. Had this today Woman with Indian accent telling me to register with new do not call register for a one off or monthly payment to stop unwanted calls from India! Seemed to get a little miffed when I told her that I had registered with the TPS to stop marketing calls like this and hung up on me. Posted By: Ian Mc. A phone with caller ID is useful.

    If it displays a number I don't recognise I let it ring and when the ansa phone starts they hang up. I then Google the number and it is instantly obvious if its a scam.

    Fake Do Not Call Registry

    I then block number in the blocker and another one bites the dust. Think there are about 35 blocked numbers in my box. Posted By: Stan. Just had the "do not call centre" on the phone. Strange how it's James from India. After some time he got round to costs and was upset when I told him to send me an invoice as I don't give out card details etc over the phone. So I hung up. There are far too many of these scams that people fall for the TPS should allow us to stop these.

    The number he gave was Posted By: Mrs Clark.