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Being charged with a DUI in Utah can carry serious consequences

For example, if you are charged with possession of marijuana, you may only face a Class B misdemeanor charge. The second time you are charged, you move up to the next level of consequences, namely a Class A misdemeanor. Charges continue to rise every time the offence is repeated.

The length of time in jail also compounds by one year if a gun was involved. The charges are as follows:. The more an offence is repeated, the higher the consequence.

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If the prosecutor or victim objects to the petition, or the Division of Adult Probation and Parole provides a written response, the petitioner may respond in writing within 15 days after receipt. Upon objection from any party, the court sets a hearing, with notice provided to the petitioner, prosecuting attorney, and victim.

However, an expunged conviction may still be used for various law enforcement-related purposes, such as in subsequent sentencing, or eligibility for expungement of a future conviction. In addition, the Departments of Commerce and Insurance, the State Board of Education, and the Office of Peace Officer Standards Training are authorized to receive information contained in expunged records upon specific request.

See also Thompson v.

Crimes and punishments

Utah judicial expungement granted to petitioner under Utah statutes did not completely erase prior convictions and, therefore, petitioner was not entitled to relief from federal firearms disability. An expunged conviction may not be accessed by the Department of Professional Licensing for licensing purposes. Safety , P.

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  8. The amendments to the Utah expungement law, which allowed employers to inquire about arrests or convictions only to the extent that they have not been expunged and the records sealed, appear to confirm the result in Doe. See generally Michael D.

    A person pardoned prior to that date is entitled to expungement under the same authority. Vacatur and expungement available on petition where offense committed while the petitioner subject to force, fraud, or coercion. See also the law discussed below making juveniles eligible for vacatur of prostitution and related convictions. A person arrested or formally charged with an offense may, at least 30 days after arrest, apply for a certificate of eligibility and petition for expungement under certain circumstances, including if no charges are filed, if the charges are dismissed, if statute of limitations has expired on all charges, or if the person is acquitted.

    Prior to March , a certificate would be issued only if the charges were dismissed with prejudice. No waiting period where person acquitted. In March , eligibility criteria were expanded to permit expungement where the entire case is dismissed without prejudice or without condition AND 1 the prosecutor consents in writing to the issuance of a certificate of eligibility, OR 2 at least days have passed since the date of dismissal. Under the amended law, the court is required to issue an order of expungement if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the prosecutor provided written consent and has not filed and does not intend to refile related charges.

    The prosecutor opposing expungement of a case dismissed without prejudice or without condition must have a good faith basis for the intention to refile the case.

    Can a Convicted Felon Purchase or Possess Any Type of Firearm?

    Upon reaching age 18, a person with a juvenile record is eligible for expungement following a one-year waiting period and completion of all sentence requirements this prerequisites may be waived by the court. Persons seeking expungement must file a petition to the court.

    Expungement seals the record, and it can be opened only by petitioning the court. The court will hold a hearing and allow prosecutors and victims to be heard if they appear. The court shall vacate other records if it finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the juvenile was subject to force, fraud, or coercion at the time of the conduct. According to the Office of Utah Court Administration, approximately half of all expungement petitions filed are granted.

    HB Automated relief applies both to cases adjudicated on or after May 1, , and to cases adjudicated before that date.

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    The court must—based on information available—notify the Bureau of Criminal Identification and prosecuting agency of the order of expungement; the bureau must notify all law enforcement agencies identified in the case of the order of expungement. A case must satisfy several criteria to qualify as eligible:. Once the clean slate law takes effect, prosecuting agencies will receive on a monthly basis notice of any case prosecuted by that agency that appears to be a clean slate eligible case. In addition, a person may file a petition to expunge records that are eligible for automatic expungement, if automatic expungement has not occurred.

    The Judicial Council is authorized to make rules governing the identification and processing of cases. Patricia A. And, the Utah courts have held that an expunged conviction may not be accessed for licensing purposes. R to include various aggravating and mitigating factors. In , Utah enacted a law effective May 14, that allows a person with a criminal record to apply at any time for a determination of whether their record would disqualify them from obtaining a license in any occupation or profession regulated by Title 58 of the Utah code Title 58 extends, inter alia, to medical and health care professionals, architects and builders, cosmetologists, funeral service providers, hunting guides, pharmacists, athletic agents, geologists, music therapists, and persons authorized to distribute and conduct research with controlled substances.

    A fee may be charged.

    Within 30 days of receipt of a completed application, the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing must make a written determination, and a negative decision may include additional steps the individual could take to qualify. As of May 8, , public employers may not require an applicant to disclose convictions on an employment application or before an initial interview. If no interview is conducted, an employer may not require disclosure until after a conditional offer of employment is made.

    The law covers the state and its agencies and subunits , state institutions of higher education, and municipalities and other political subdivisions of the state. The law does not apply in the following cases:.

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    Prohibited Purchasers Generally in Utah

    Vote B. Jury C. Office D. Firearms II. Discretionary Restoration Mechanisms A.