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Called and managed to make the right selections to talk with someone. Was told they would remove my subscription and refund money.


Hoping that happens quickly. I tried removing my listing per instructions on whitepages. Then I got information that turned out to be incorrect. It states that I have to create an account to remove my telephone number from the White Pages. I work for the government.

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This number is showing all my client my personal information such as my home address!!!! I want this removed. I tried to change my password as it was not working and I keep getting an error.

Please get back to me immediately. Without my authority you have put my name address and age in your listing. How did you get the idea that you have the right by law to commit this crime? You even list as my relatives people that are not my relatives with faked names that I cannot locate and ask them why they are listed as my relative.

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Myself and similar victims of your criminal activity are going to organize a drive so that you will remove our names from your website immediately. You are going to hear from our attorney in due course. I tried to get in touch with a representative with no luck! Obviously you guys are making money off of listing others peoples information Inaccurately I may add and I will NOT pay you to remove my listing either.

What a joke! I will be contacting higher authorities to put my complaints in.


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Does any one have any info as to reporting this company. So they say. I think it needs to go further but where do we go and if we need to file a class action suit against them since I never gave permission to post my info. Why does it cost money to look up a phone number now???? I used to be able to go to whitepages. Now it cost money. Trying to resolve this through White pages support and nothing has been done as of yet. Tried to call to talk to customer service and there is no one to talk to.

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Tried emailing them so far no resolution. So as far as I can tell this is considered internet fraud when persons can attached their names to say they live at your address and no one so far is taking it down. Finds nearby neighbors. Excellent arrangement of resources; look-up resources by those that search by name, by street address, by phone number, etc. White Pages Outside of the U. Infospace Multiple Reverse look-up in Canada only.

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Legal Marketing. The app makes it easier to be in touch with people in your community by offering access to contact details. Nearby Stores. Meanwhile, the business-oriented functionality will let users easily find establishments in 80, neighborhoods around the U. This includes menus, maps and directions. The aim is for users to be able to easily find friends and meet up at interesting locations. The app pulls Facebook and Twitter contacts for a more seamless experience. New location-based neighbor, residential and business discovery features help people find everything nearby.