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They are very smart, kind, diligent, patient, hardworking and friendly.

Ohio Dissolution of Marriage Law: Dissolution without Children

Everyone in their office was very kind to me. Mark Miller 28 Feb I approached Mr. Buchanan last year, after having known him from previous endeavors years back, about a lawsuit that had been filed against my significant other and I. Without going into too much of the case details here, Mr.

Official Dissolution without Children Legal Forms

Buchanan agreed to defend us knowing we have a very limited budget. A couple other lawyers turned us down or straight up ignored our inquiries for this reason I assume. Looking back at that now, I'm happy that they did. Buchanan, with help from his assistant, Ms. Hunter, defended us well at every stage of the process, from the court filings to mediation, to different status hearings. Through his aggressive and thoughtful arguments, we were able to recently get the case against us dismissed completely before trial. This had caused a great stress for my significant other and I and Mr.

Buchanan truly helped lift that weight off our shoulders. We'll be forever grateful to him, Ms. If you're looking for someone who will fight for you, no matter what, Mr. Buchanan is the lawyer you should retain.

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He's truly one of the good guys. We highly recommend him and his firm. Corey Hawkins 20 Feb At least consult with them if your still not sure. Barberton Tree Service Inc. Excellent firm. Professional, honest and knowledgeable! Rick Z has always handled our corporate matters and has done so with efficiency and respectability. Couldn't be happier with their services! Doug Swan 25 Jan Going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage is not a pleasant experience. I was referred to Rick Zurz by another lawyer in Akron and he was fantastic.

Rick is straightforward and easy to work with. I felt like he personally cared about my outcome and helped me work through some very challenging aspects of my case. He gave me excellent counsel and was always patient. The other thing about Rick is that his communications are amazing. He was there for me whether it was email, phone call or text.

He was always on time for our meetings and appearances and clearly knows his way around the county legal system, opposing lawyers and judges. In the end I found his fees to be more than fair and reasonable. I'm glad this is over and that Slater and Zurz represented me. My thanks to both Rick and his assistant Liz. You guys were the best! Neal Levy 24 Jan Rick has always treated us with the upmost respect and professionalism. He is wildly approachable while remaining professional and straightforward with his advice and actions.

I feel honored to know Rick personally and that I have him on my side should the need arise. He is always ready and willing to discuss a legal issue, advise on a general situation or review documents for protection and accuracy. I have no reservation or trepidation about contacting him when the need presents itself and always enjoy the time I spend with Rick.

I recommend him to anyone who has the need or even simply wants to know that they have a reputable lawyer on their side. Angie South 15 Jan Silas Pisani did an excellent job assisting with my case. He always answered any question I had within a 24 hour period. He met me where it was convenient for me and even on a Saturday. He kept me informed and on schedule with the necessary proceedings. William Miller 14 Jan Slater and Zurz are my go to Law Firm.

Knowledge, Integrity and Execution are synonymous when working with a client at Slater and Zurz. They have been my go to Law Firm for over ten years.


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They produce successful results for me and they will for you. Bill Miller read more. CC Chapman 13 Jan Silas Pisani was just what I needed. He's not what you expect. He was quiet, intelligent, diligent, affordable and kind at all times. He didn't create any additional conflicts. He just got my divorce done the way I wanted at the initial price he charged.

Georgio Sarafin 09 Jan I have tough accent to understand. The man took all the time so we could understand each other. He sent me to another office that was very helpfull.

Promised to say thank you read more. Shar Robins 20 Dec It's a wonderful settlement! We were going through some times with everything. Things are looking up thanks to you people. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Jeffrey Edwards 18 Dec I had a domestic case pertaining to child visitation. They were veryexpedient in their efforts and I was charged a very minimal fee! I was very pleased with their services. I would recommend their expertise and have used their services when needed. Betty Petty 13 Dec Jim Slater has been our attorney for nigh on 40 years. I remember how he fussed with my husband at first but we learned to trust him and we were all great, great friends. My husband died and I had several things come up and I went back to him. Same Jim after 40 years thoughtful, considerate, confident and friendly read more.

Jennifer Harsh 13 Dec I appreciated the attentiveness of the Attorney's and other staff that I have spoke with and worked with on a previous case. They made me feel like top priority. I would recommend them to anyone. Trust me! Thank you to everyone and all your hard work! Dave Doucette 20 Nov I've reached out to Slater and Zurz on several occasions and each time have been treated like family. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Ohio Dissolution Of Marriage Without Minor Children Packet

Ronika Massey 06 Nov Thanks for doing business with me!