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More than half of all searches are at least four words. Add long-tail keywords to your ecommerce site. Put them in the names of your products and their descriptions. This means there is less competition from other brands using keywords for their SEO strategies. You obviously have a ton of competition in this space. All major search engines, such as Google, use bots to index the information contained on websites.

These automated bots are also known as web crawlers. When a consumer searches for a term, the search engine references the index and chooses the pages with the most relevant results. By simplifying your architecture, you will make your site easier to read, and it will appear more trustworthy as well. A simple site architecture will also make it easier for your visitors to navigate once they land on your page.

This will help increase your chances of getting more conversions as well. As I just discussed, search engines use bots to scan content on the web. You may have some broken links without knowing it.

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The tool will identify server errors, broken links, and audit redirects. This software will even analyze the titles of your pages and find duplicate content. You can integrate the Screaming Frog software with your Google analytics. This will help you get more relevant results in terms of your conversions, bounce rates, and ecommerce transactions.

You need to recognize how people use mobile devices. Your ecommerce brand needs to understand the mobile trends dominating Use the knowledge to update your ecommerce site. Let all of this information sink in for a moment.

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Ask yourself whether your ecommerce site has adapted to these trends. Optimizing your ecommerce site for mobile devices will help you get more traffic from consumers browsing from their smartphones and tablets. This is relevant to the earlier discussion about identifying and fixing errors on your site. Sometimes, these problems could be the reason why your pages are taking so long to open. Some of you may just need to upgrade your web hosting service. In addition to your SEO strategy, your page loading speed will also impact visitor browsing behavior:. As you can see, just a few seconds can drastically change your bounce rates.

This is obviously not good for your business. A prospective customer clicks on your page. Do whatever you can to increase your page loading speed.

A Small Business Owner’S Guide To Search Engine Optimization

You want it to be as fast as possible. This will improve your search ranking and help you drive sales. Furthermore, the simplicity of your website will encourage users to stay on the pages longer. But ultimately, you want to drive sales.

List of People Search Engines You Should Use

Websites with complicated navigations and long checkout procedures cause consumers to abandon their shopping carts. From a consumer perspective, a page meta description gives them more information about what to expect when they click on a link from search results. There is some debate as to whether these descriptions directly impact SEO. Meta descriptions should contain keywords as well.

Try to make yours unique so it stands apart from the crowd. As you can see from the results above, each site uses a slightly different strategy to give it an edge over competors.

15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About

To generate new leads and maximize the reach of your ecommerce website, you need to focus on your SEO strategy. Conduct keyword research.

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Add long-tail keywords to your product descriptions and titles. Start blogging, and add keywords to your posts. Focus on your page loading speed, and optimize your site for mobile devices. Many of these services pull info from social-media accounts as well. The targeted person's address and information about close family members is often available for free, so a would-be stalker can target an unlimited number of people without even paying. After you search for yourself or family members, ask yourself how what you found makes your feel.

Who am I worried might find that, and how am I worried they'll use it? We pay for a lot of modern conveniences such as streaming video and music, next-day shipping and meal and grocery delivery. Considering what we spend on things that are nice to have, it's reasonable to pay for a privacy service if you legitimately fear that you or your loved ones might be stalked or harassed. The best option for a data-removal service, based on both price and reputation, is Abine's DeleteMe service.

Signing up for and setting up DeleteMe took me about a half hour.

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I entered basic information, including my name, date of birth, and all the phone numbers, emails, and postal addresses I'd like DeleteMe to make sure are purged. It may be a bit unsettling for people worried about personal privacy to submit so much information to an online service, but the information you provide is necessary for DeleteMe to do its job. DeleteMe's parent company, Abine, says it will not sell user data and that it shares the data only with, "companies we've hired to do work for us to carry out the services you want. DeleteMe is supposed to send you a progress report after seven days, and then continue to monitor your identity, sending quarterly update reports.

The yearly subscription auto-renews unless you tell it not to. Things started happening quickly after I signed up with DeleteMe. Three days after I signed up, I was emailed my first report. It listed 32 data-broker services that DeleteMe had found holding my information, and which DeleteMe had asked to remove my data. The next day, I received an update that three of those services — Addresses. Several others — including biggies like BeenVerified. The information that services had on me varied widely. However, PrivacyDuck might still be a valid choice if you have solid reason to fear harassers and want to cover multiple individuals.

DeleteMe and PrivacyDuck "are a better solution in terms of time, and I think more thorough, than any private citizen realistically could be," Gebhart said. Data collection will likely drop off significantly after the initial opt-out requests go through.

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So even if you quit one of these services after a year, you will have made a long-term dent in how much information data brokers have about you. If you'd rather part with a weekend or more than a few hundred dollars or more , you can go the manual route for opting out of brokers. Start with the list of companies that DeleteMe contact as part of its paid service to get a sense of how much work would be required to manage all 38 of them. The company's website also provides free, step-by-step instructions for how to opt out of these and about additional sites.

PrivacyDuck doesn't post removal instructions, but you can use the free instructions on DeleteMe's site instead. There are pluses and minuses to these processes regardless of whether you go the paid or the DIY route.

On the plus side, you will be able to remove a big chunk of your personal information from the world, or at least make the information harder to find. You will also have a better understanding of what information is out there and how easily people can access and abuse it. On the minus side, the data removal will be far from perfect. But perfection is never a realistic goal in guarding privacy or security.

That is impossible," Gebhart said. That's where you're going to find liberation from this fear. Tom's Guide. There's more information about you out there that you can imagine All of it can be had by anyone for a price You'll never be able to get all of it down But you can reduce it a lot, either manually or by subscribing to a paid service Some paid services do a good job of curbing your public data, and here are two of the best Your life is not private.

MORE: How to Stop Tracking in Chrome Although data brokers do pull information from social media and other well-known sites, much of their data comes from public records over which you don't have control. Is it worthwhile? Is it worth the time, and possibly the expense, to purge your records? Image credit: Shutterstock.